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eLearning Modules

Description: A level 2 Storyline sample.

Description: A sample Articulate Rise with Storyline Block.

Description: A sample of a PowerPoint conversion to Storyline.

Description: A basic Articulate Storyline sample of a training assessment. Includes multiple-choice questions and drag and drop interactions.


Description: A sample Articulate Storyline interaction.

Full Blended Learning Development Project

Title: Computer Applications Training

Problem: Current Quality Inspectors needed to use four different computer applications to obtain to complete inspections and to use as a resource to research information. Previous training was nonexistent. Incomplete information for inspections resulted in defect escapes and longer inspection times.

Tools: Captivate, Camtasia, PowerPoint

Solution: In this project, the ADDIE framework guided the training development process. After the project kickoff meeting, I collaborated with the SME to create terminal and enabling learning objectives and how each would be measured. In speaking with the SME as well as the inspectors, we developed the content and decided on a blended learning solution of:

-Four computer simulation modules for each application used, each with an assessment module. Modules and assessment guided inspectors through actual on-the-job examples to simulate how they used the tool.

-An instructor-led training to provide training on inspection terms and skills needed to interpret and use information gathered in research.

-An “on-the-floor” final assessment during their inspection process. The assessment evaluates their ability to properly apply the computer applications and classroom training to perform their inspections.

Camtasia - Computer Simulation

Training used clicks and hotspots to guide inspectors as the would use it in their inspection process.

Captivate - Computer Simulation

Seven modules mirrored on-the-job use to guide inspectors through three computer applications.

Captivate - Assessments

In the assessments, inspectors were given a unit for an inspection process. Inspectors were required to input inspection information and navigate to correct locations to retrieve information needed.

PowerPoint - ILT Presentations

The classroom training used discussions, games, individual and group activities and exercises to enhance inspection skills. Cases studies allowed practice of real-world inspection issues.

Rubric for Hands-on Final Assessment

The final training included an on-the-job assessment. Inspectors are evaluated on retrieving and using information from computer applications to complete inspections.


Informational video of adjusting to life changes amidst a global pandemic.

Explainer video for travel website.


Informational, Corporate Narration

Medical Narration


Learning Experience Designer

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